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It is truly a blessing for our fashion soul if we have an authentic and professional designer by our side at each and every event and special occasion of life making us look and feel like a fashion superstar. And let’s agree to the undeniable fact that the fashion designers and stylists have the power to unveil our fashion personality and the individuality that had been hidden for all these years and we were living under a huge rock having a notion that we are not able to carry out certain styles, fabrics, and patterns that we always wanted to.

We at L & K Bespoke Tailor are regarded as the Best Tailor in Hong Kong and across borders as it is our crucial fundamental to go an extra mile by being your close fashion partner rather than just being your stylist or a fashion designer. And this is where our actual artistry starts as right from our very first meeting, we carefully understand and note down your fashion history, style preferences, individual choices, and all other such vital details. Aftermath we provide our due fashion recommendations and style suggestions depending on the nature and type of occasion for which the outfits are required, weather status, and very importantly what will make you feel fashionable as well as at complete ease whilst adorning the outfit earning us the label of the most sought after Bespoke Tailor in Hong Kong. Also, we play with the handpicked range of accessories in the best possible fashion by matching or contrasting it with the color shade of your suit or blazer plus we also add and bing of bling through lapel pins and cufflinks.

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