How Do I Know If L & K Custom Tailor Is The Best Tailor For Me?

Kindly read on here what our previous and existing customers have to say about the service and the bespoke clothing and services they have received from L & K Custom Tailor, Hong Kong on Tripadvisor

What Can L & K Custom Tailor Do For Me That I Can’t Get From A Regular Off The Rack Suit Store?

Off the rack suits are designed to suit as many potential customers as possible and are therefore very often faceless, generic, all-purpose and not closely fitting. A retail store carries a standard stock, and that’s all they can offer you. Also, in an off the rack suit your choices are limited. Whereas with a made to measure suit, obviously the styling and the fabric is up to you down to the last detail. Here at L & K Custom Tailor, Hong Kong, custom tailoring is our only business. That’s why we can create for you fully custom made shirts, suits and trousers in the exact style and fabric of your choice. In addition, we offer you these premium features too: For Custom Suits – Hand-embroidered initials or your full name inside jacket – Hand-picked and matched linings – Functional button holes on sleeves – Additional inside pockets For Custom Shirts – Monograms – Generous tails – Over twelve collar styles to choose from (We can even duplicate your favorite shirt!)

What Kind Of Fabrics Do You Have?

We stock a wide range of fabrics. To name a few – Super 100s, 120s, 150s, upto Super 200s wools, Cashmere Wool blends, Worsted wools, Gabardine Wool, Wool Mix with silk and microfibre, Silk-Linen, Silk-Cotton, 100% 2 ply Egyptian and Italian Cottons, Pure Linen etc. Our quality fabrics are sourced from famous mills worldwide.

Do You Make Suits For Women?

Yes. L & K Custom Tailors do offer a smart, elegant ladies business or lounge suit. As with our men’s ranges, your suit is made to your measurements and specifications from a single roll of cloth, and is designed to flatter your body shape. For our clients abroad, we also always bring a sample of a ladies suit to a fitting day, so you can see the style and quality for yourself.

Can I Schedule An Appointment With You In My Home Or Office?

Of course, YES! We believe in personal convenience to our clients and we can see you in your home or office as per your convenient day and time. We travel worldwide and can see you in your city on our travel dates.

If you are able to gather a group of friends or work colleagues together we will come to your home or place of work according to your convenience or even plan a special trip for a personalised appointment. Look out for our touring schedule on our website to know more on our travel plans.

How Do I Pay?

You can pay us by any credit or debit card, by cheque, bank transfer or cash. Our website also accept credit cards in US dollars.

What Does Loose, Comfortable And Slim Fitted Mean?

These are simply descriptions of how close-fitting your suit will be. If you are fond of a little comfort in your suit, then the relaxed fit is for you; alternatively, the slim fit provides a neat tapered look to the jacket. In general, the relaxed or slim fit is what most people are used to. Super-slim fit, however, can take some getting used to, but is extremely flattering on some body-shapes.

How Do I Order Some More Garments?

If you have ordered from us before, you do not need to come and get measured again unless you feel your measurements have altered. We store your measurements on file, so you can either come and see us to pick out your fabric and style or buy garments right here on our website. We also have frequent tours to major cities across the world.

Do You Do Alterations?

Yes, we do alterations. For garments purchased from us, we do offer free alterations within first 90 days of the sale and thereafter at a very reasonable price.

Do You Keep Measurements On File?

Yes, once you have ordered with us, we keep your records in our customer database. This makes it easier for re-ordering with us. Just quote your name or number or last order number and we can make new garments as per measurements on file with us.

Are You Able To Duplicate The Style And Fit Of A Favourite Garment In My Collection?

Yes! Bring us the garment or a picture of the item you want in your order and we will take care of the rest.

Can I Choose My Own Lining?

Yes, we offer a wide range of linings for you to choose from. Including Pure silk, Bemberg and paisley linings

When Ordering A Bespoke Suit From You For The First Time Is It True That I Get My Own Personalised Pattern?

Absolutely, a precise card pattern is prepared based on your own personal measurements and requirements and is a vital part of the process of producing your bespoke suit. Once your suit is completed we then keep the pattern on file for future reference.

Can I Have My Suit Tailored With My Own Designs: Working Cuffs, Boot-Cut Trousers, A Single Vent, 3 Buttons Etc...?

Yes, you can do all types of customisations for your suit on our website while e-Ordering. Furthermore, if we are meeting in person with you then during our meeting, you will be advised on the many options available to you.

Furthermore, we are always happy to offer you our expert guidance in helping design a suit that will compliment not just your style but also your body shape. There are no surcharges for any of our options. If you would like us to customise to your style with options not available on our website, all you have to do is attach a picture or a link of the picture to us.

Is It Possible For You To Duplicate The Fit Of A Favorite Shirt Or Suit?

Absolutely! Just send us your favorite shirt or suit with your order. We will be glad to also make any changes you might want, then return your original garments with your new clothes.

What About Big And Tall Sizes?

Yes we do make big and tall sizes too. Please email us or talk to us for more details.

Do I Have To Get Re-Measured Every Time I Order Something?

Not at all! Once we have your measurements on file, re-orders are easy, unless, your current garments don’t fit you anymore due to weight or size changes. If you want any more garments made, all you have to do is select the fabric and styles and contact us or place an e-Order online.

Can The Clothes Be Posted To Me?

Yes, we provide worldwide shipping. We will send your clothes to the provided address by FedEx, DHL, UPS or USPS as we have tie ups with all major shipping providers of the globe.

How Often Should I Dry-Clean My Suit?

The less, the better. Dry-cleaning does a great job on a suit that’s dirty, but it’s hard on the fabric and shortens the lifespan of the garment. Try asking your cleaner to simply give your suit a pressing. Or, when travelling, hang it in the bathroom while you shower and the steam will help remove the wrinkles.