Hong Kong Bespoke Tailors in Oxford, United Kingdom

Create Fashion Waves with L & K Bespoke Tailors: the acclaimed Bespoke Tailor in Oxford, UK from Hong Kong.

Define style and class

Wherever he goes, there is no one like him. He is so very different, yet known. It is hard to catch his look and that makes him even more desirable. It is his mysterious charm and chauvinism that makes him stands apart from the rest and his contemporaries. His style is his magic wand and his aura creates the waves that are so magnetic and full of fashion that makes him totally hard to resist. You wish to be like him, with him.

We at L & K Bespoke Tailors: the Top Hong Kong Tailor in Oxford, have carved a niche for ourselves by creating fashion icons with presenting them in the most stylish fashion outfits and accessories. We have been known for our collection of Bespoke Suits in Oxford, UK and Custom Suits in Oxford and across borders as they are totally customized and hand crafted from the very first cut and stitch. There is a high degree customer involvement starting from selection of fabrics, in depth discussion with our designers and fashion artists on deciding the style, colour, type of occasion, required number of trials to the final delivery of the bespoke suit. Staying true to our brand name of offering best in class and most comfortable Made to Measure Suits in Oxfordshire, our association with the customer continues even after the final delivery and we are at their service in case of any alterations and changes.

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