Hong Kong Tailors in San Francisco, USA

We don’t design clothes, we design dreams

San Francisco is the city where thousands of dreams are turned into reality every day. It is the city known for its fast pace life, technological advancements, commercial hubs, sports avenues, rich heritage culture, contemporary lifestyle and urban fashion. With such swiftness and dynamism of the city, fashion has to be comfortable and stylish to earn that envy by many around. We at L & K Bespoke Tailorthe top notch Bespoke Custom Tailors in San Francisco is here to meet the needs and fashion desires of the city.

Our fashion and clothing range has a wide variety from casual, semi formal to formal wear. Top coats, waist coats, blazers and sports jackets give casual a new meaning with best quality of fabrics used to give that urban vibe and charm. Formal and business collection offers hand cut and tailor made shirts, trousers, suits accessorised with ties and pocket squares giving that required comfort and frame at your workplace. They are made to measure with utmost precision to fit your body type making L & K Bespoke Tailor: the most visiting and the Best Hong Kong Tailor in San Francisco.

For the connoisseurs having a peculiar taste for luxury clothing and brands, we have an exclusive assortment of bespoke collection to scale up your expectations. Our bespoke suits and shirts are specially hand crafted and designed procuring materials from best of the mills and is stitched using best sewing techniques. Understanding your body type, body language and occasion; our fashion experts design your garment and gets sewn by the most capable craftsmen giving us the brand name of Best Bespoke Tailors in San Francisco. We at L & K Bespoke Tailor from Hong Kong: the Best Custom Tailors in San Francisco from Hong Kong are increasing our customer network in the city of Hong Kong, San Francisco and across the globe with quality offerings and world class service.