How Bespoke Tailoring Process Works

Let us embark you on the glory and the process of bespoke tailoring

We at L & K Bespoke Tailor: the ace Bespoke Tailors in Hong Kong and all across the globe have been adhering to the objectives and fundamentals of bespoke fashion for more than 30 years now and following the same has not only garnered us the huge list of clientele and referrals but have made us curate a distinctive identity of brand in the fraternity of fashion.

Let us now embark you on the glorious journey and process of bespoke tailoring of suits and other fashion garments:

At the very start, we get to know you by asking the set of questions such as your working hours, type of occasion for which the suit and other bespoke outfits are required, your previous style history, and fashion preferences amongst the other vital details.

The second step involves selecting the fabrics from the myriad of options and alternatives from our cloth books and swatches. Right from the classic prints to the quirky ones to the modern contemporary colors and textures to the evergreen ones in fashion are presented to pick and choose from depending on the occasion type and your fashion taste and choices. We also provide our due fashion recommendations based on our expertise and the wealth of knowledge.

The next step comprises of short listing the style of the suit and other garments depending on your personality, lifestyle, and the type of occasion. Aftermath the order is duly placed with the delivery timelines discussed.

Next in the line is the baste fitting or trial where the suit is not fully constructed and you try on its skeleton that allows us to make the large alterations. Post this comes the time of the alteration fitting where you wear the fully constructed suit and if any alterations are required, same are processed within a short period of time.

After all the alterations, now is the time to take your suit and other garments home and get soaked in the true luxury of bespoke

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