Best bespoke tailor in Hong Kong produces elegance and fashion with life in it:

At L & K Bespoke Tailors, we have bespoke jackets for men and bespoke jackets for women and our jackets are fully hand-crafted in the all-traditional way. We lie among the superior and popular tailors in Hong Kong who have minutely understood the art of best bespoke tailoring. The jacket includes a hand-sewn (as opposed to being glued on) natural wool full-chest canvas, which will considerably enhance the garment’s durability.It also gives the garment enough body to hang properly. Jackets come with surgeon cuffs, including hand-sewn working buttonholes. We define our position among top 10 tailors in Hong Kong by outshining fashion in every jacket we craft.

The best custom tailors in Hong Kong outlines jackets:

A jacket is a mid-stomach length article of clothing covering the abdominal area. A jacket regularly has sleeves, and attaches in the front or marginally as an afterthought. A jacket is by and large lighter, more tightly fitting, and less protecting than a layer, which is outerwear. A few jackets are chic, while others even serve as defensive attire in colder geographic locales.

Jackets can be worn by men and also by women; a jacket can be attire for a party, a casual meeting, wedding or social gathering etc…With collar becoming the richest part of the shirt with nice embroidered patterns coming into fashion, eventually collars were manufactured larger but eventually they became smaller. During this period shirts were hand cut and hand-made and none of them used to manufacture in factories unlike now. The look of the shirt transformed after World War 1 with buttons running the full length of the shirt’s front.


In countries like USA, UK, Canada and some more parts of North America and Europe where the weather is harsh during winters, people often wear jackets as a part of their regular clothing. Jackets can be bought factory made but the best fitting and feel is often provided by a bespoke tailored jacket.

Reasonable tailors in Hong Kong binds to flair the best:

We provide our customers with an option to choose Fabrics for their bespoke jackets. Our fabrics comprise a wide range of fabric types namely checks, herringbone, plain, stripes and birdseye.

You can also select your favorite color of lining according to your jackets color, we provide with vast options to select lining from various fabric types like organza, satin, silk etc… you care free to customize if you want a single breasted jacket or a double breasted jacket with button types like one buttoned jacket, two buttoned jacket or even a three buttoned jacket as well, followed by lapels which can be peaked lapels or notched lapels as well. L & K Bespoke Tailors provide best custom tailor in Hong Kong which is prime in quality and can be categorized under reasonable tailoring too.

Lapels are then followed by sleeve buttons; we have in place button styles like 3 sleeve buttons, 4 sleeve buttons, kissing button style etc…Post this you can select your pocket style which is followed by stitching style and back vents styles. Upon doing these simple and easy to follow customization steps your jacket will be ready in a few minutes and we shall stitch your desired jacket and send it to your address within 3 to 4 days.

Come on, customize your bespoke jacket and Buy Jackets Online in a or fix an appointment with us now.