Wisdom of fashion and style from L & K Bespoke Tailor: the Very Good Tailor in Hong Kong

Look at your best

To march ahead in life with high rate of success, we all need guidance and advice at each and every step ironing out our flaws. It not only works as a learning process for us but also makes us meet and come across the veterans who have weathered ample of changing seasons of life with their knowledge making us pave our paths to a fruitful life. The elements of fashion in our lives stay astute to the aforementioned concept that makes us put across the stylish foot forward.

We at L & K Bespoke Tailor: the Best Custom Tailors in Hong Kong take pride of the tag of the veterans of fashion that has been earned as a result of sheer hard work and consistency in offering nothing but the best to our clientele spread all across the world. Below is the rare wisdom of fashion and style that is straight from the horse’s mouth and apt to take notes:

As per the trend of minimalistic fashion that is ruling the charts, we always suggest our customers to go for solid shades in fabrics having rich sheen and texture as it fulfils the objective of ‘less is always more for men’. From classic shades like black, white, blue and greys to the newer hues such as maroon, green, khaki and pastels are widely used by us making us the Very Good Tailors in Hong Kong.

We always suggest going for fits that compliment your body type and overall personality as going against ones individuality and persona takes away the elements of comfort and ease that are a must for a feel good aura whilst adorning any fashion outfit.

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